Why spending our energy fighting the political system is probably a waste of effort

I speak with a lot of people and often I get into enthusiastic discussion about 'the way things are' and how can we 'bring about change'. I totally get that people are worried and especially about what we have now. It appears that the democratic system has failed us. Once again an external instrument that has been wielded against us and to which we have fallen 'Victim'. Many that hitherto have defended Democracy to the hilt are dumbfounded after the events of 2016, and now doubt has been cast on its efficacy.

You could be forgiven for thinking that we have gone backwards. Full circle... discontented people, the rise of a charismatic leader promising to change things and make it better for all, fascism, nationalism on the rise. Another more terrifying way of looking at it...

A widening gap between people once friends, now, through nothing more than a difference of opinion, on a supposed different side. A desire to not speak to the 'enemy', which amounts only to, those who perhaps supported a different set of lies. Them and us beginning to gather momentum. Please let us not support this path. We are better than this surely. Have we learned nothing. This road leads to war and destruction.

I wrote in a previous blog that we are perhaps teetering on the edge of a global financial meltdown. It might well be a global reset. The only way that the heinous financial crimes can be buried, and control retained by those that created them is by disguising it with a war... please let us not support this road and continue to divide ourselves. It won't be easy. Global media is controlled by those who would keep things as they are, promote division, promote a widening gulf between ordinary folk... we, who in reality want to just be happy and live our lives.

What can we do?

Do we really want to enter the arena which has led us to where we are? The system is not designed for innovation, creativity and flair. The system is designed to keep things as they are. I know it is tempting to want to get in there amongst those politicians, make a difference, shake them up... be the one. But in truth there have been hundreds of previous politicians with the same drive, determination and desire that have gone before. All eagerly swallowed up into the system and pacified over time to accept that 'this is the way it is'. Great speeches, great beliefs... great ideologies... small but limited change (not even this always).

By joining in the existing game, we accept the rules of this game and everything is stacked against change. The system, the people, the media. We are an accepted level of noise outside the banqueting hall. A few scraps thrown to us when things get a bit rowdy.

To achieve real change something very different has to happen. Each of us must decide that we no longer want to play this 'conditioning' game. We can of course 'look to be playing along' but in truth we can be working to create a better future too.

Transition not Anarchy

Let's be clear here, a new future will still need much of what we have in terms of infrastructure, things still need to be done. The transition, ensuring that things still operate and we don't slide into total chaos are all parameters for a new future... it's not rip everything up and start again. It's about co-creating a future that really does work for the majority of us. This doesn't need to be based on money, more about what really matters, happiness, relationships, connections, contribution minus all the stress, worry and being told what we can and can't do.

Where do we start with such an idea?

There are very many of us who have started the journey... some would call it 'waking up'. We already know that what we have isn't going to cut it... it's crumbling fast, and that deterioration is accelerating. So what can we actually do?

The next blog... coming later today... 'Finding our own way, grass roots community building with Intent'


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