1st experience ever at a Yoga class... so how was it?

I had been what I would call 'Yoga Curious' for many years

but it was just one of those things that I never got around to doing... well... that is what I told myself.

The reality is that actually I knew something about Yoga, I've met loads (and I mean loads) of Yoga instructors in the past...  I knew it was about bringing the mind, body and spirituality together with 'poses' or movements which effectively increase flexibility, blood flow, breathing and general well being... along with mindfulness... meditation and has a wonderful calming influence on the mind too.

So why with all that knowledge... and with a penchant for well being and generally taking care of myself have I managed to avoid Yoga for so long? Seems like a perfect match for someone like me with my thinking, lifestyle and outlook.

The truth... I suppose is shared somewhat here on Uma's site. My feeling rightly or wrongly is that mostly it is women who do Yoga (that's not an issue by the way) and that most people even at the beginner level would be just too far ahead. I guess it would just feel a bit uncomfortable. I think what I needed and everyone else who's curious about Yoga needs is like a 'taster session'.

I may be a philistine about this, but the sort of level I'm at is... 

Do I need a mat, what is that mat all about anyway? ... can I just bring a bit of carpet along? What shoes do I wear? ... what clothing would be appropriate? ... do I need to bring anything else? Do you follow the instructor? What if he / she gallops ahead and I can't keep up? ... what if I just haven't a clue how to do some of it? ... will I be left to fester in my own incompetence? ... all these questions laughable to the seasoned Yogi... but behind them the very real reasons why there aren't more people doing Yoga I suspect.

Having discussed all this with +Uma Patil she came up with the idea for Yoga Curious. A very simple idea. There are 10's of thousands of people in Watford alone who might like to give Yoga a chance if they could be eased every so gently into it... no commitment... no experience... no professionals!!

So I went along to Uma's first 'Yoga Curious' session. 90 Minutes... 30 minutes of explanation about everything to do with the stuff around the edges of Yoga... where it came from? ... why it exists? ...It's purpose and function... how it helps people...how the mind, body and spiritual side all works together and... what equipment is needed (No Shoes ... or socks required!). 60 Minutes follows of actual Yoga practice but with Uma taking all the time that was necessary to assist and help us into the correct version of the poses.

Uma was amazing! A great balance of knowledge, sensitivity, practice, humour and huge dollops of patience and smiles. Must be frustrating to see people struggle with such basic stuff... but you would never have known that if it were true... Uma, guided us carefully, compassionately and safely through an hour of different poses.

One of the things I love about Yoga I have decided (almost immediately) is it fits in perfectly with my 3 Mantra's for 2017 and beyond. (1) To be the best Human being possible (2) Be the best version of myself possible (3) To give (love) unconditionally (which of course you can only do if your mind, body and soul are tip top). Maybe this is why Yoga has come upon me in 2017 and not before... the student is indeed ready!

There is no competition with Yoga we are there for ourselves, together (if you can get that). No one is better than any other. Each body is a unique assembly of its different parts and requires its own journey in Yoga. All that we can aim to do is improve our own levels of flexibility, adeptness of each post, duration in each pose, breathing techniques, and then welcome in... vastly improved health.

I will be joining Uma's beginners class next... 4-5pm on Saturday afternoons... I feel I am ready to make this journey... any others who are Yoga Curious??? Maybe this is your year to break the fast too! come join in the fun... let's journey together... Contact Uma directly through this page...


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