Lent Words - Day 1 ~ Servant

A little introduction for those that choose to follow my thoughts on the words being presented in the run up to Easter. I am not involved with the church... however I do believe in many of the wise words which are attributed to the teachings of Jesus... and the Buddha too actually... about being the best possible human being we can be... and the best version of ourselves... so here goes... 1st word ... Servant.

I think we have forgotten this word, or that this word has somehow been denigrated to being a bit of a second rate position to those in power. We have been perhaps led to believe that you become a servant to those who hold power and control. You are kind of forced into it... maybe against your will... and maybe would rather be somewhere else...

Actually if you talk to anyone who is approaching death and you get to really understand what is important in (their) life it all comes down to relationships, people, experiences... of relationships broken and not restored, of situations where we could have served more... of things not pursued.. of actually making a real difference in the world... it comes down to what did you do for others? How did you serve? How did you make others feel?

In other words the greatest strength (not weakness) we have is being in service to others... making a difference... not in a sacrificial way (I have written posts on this) but with love, without expecting return... without guilt, without pressure or obligation... but the pure joy of being able to help another human being... to be a servant to others... willingly.


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