Lent words - Day 2 ~ Called

I have often heard this word spoken of in terms of a 'calling to god'. Less often (but more frequently amongst those I speak with nowadays) people talk of following their calling in terms of pursuit of what it is they believe is their purpose.

There is a phrase which says that we are all born twice... once in the physical sense and then again when we realise why we were born. I like to think of this in the sense of 'Called'... I have been now called to do this or that.

I think in 2011 I finally worked it out. How? ... I think I took stock of where I was, and realised that actually this isn't what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Not that I was unhappy, and being the master of creating that which I was doing at that time, one could have easily said... well you created this role you are currently performing so what has happened to make you feel like this?

I think we all change, there are many facets of all of our lives as we learn new things and gain new insights through experience... we all might actually have a 'big calling'. Each step (phase) of our life is essential and necessary to amass those skills that we will need to deliver on what we are here to do... maybe?

I certainly look at what I do today and I use pretty much every scrap of that which I have learned throughout my life in what I have been 'called' to do... So what have you been called to do? ... or are you amassing the skills and still to discover it?


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