Lent words - Day 4 ~ Child

So in me this word straight away invokes the passage from the new testament 
... where the disciples were desperately trying to fight off the children who were clearly curious about the goings on... and 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

we could spend an entire lifetime interpreting the meaning of these words. But for me I want to focus perhaps on a couple of things that children do, that we tend to be conditioned away from by society as we learn "Our place" whatever that means...

1. Simplicity

As a child (hopefully) we do not worry about where the next meal is coming from... we trust that it will be provided. We have faith in those close to us... that they will care for us... nurture us and provide the love we need, whatever happens... and to support us not in a controlling way, but to help us discover our own path, what works for us.

2. No Fear

When we are a child the world is just one great huge adventure. We try everything and anything. We do not worry about whether we will be any good at it or not... we just want to give it a go. If we don't like it or it doesn't float our boat then we don't have to do it again.

3. In the moment

When we are a child there is not much history to our young lives (not that we can remember) and we don't have much of an idea of what we want to do either... and if we do... we just set the intent... and let the universe do the rest. We have no idea what a plan looks like anyway, so the future looks like just a world of possibilities that rely on what I do right now... so we decide what we want... and if we demonstrate through interest, participation... go where people doing what we want to do, hang out... then maybe it'll just turn up... stranger things have happened...

4. Just want to be happy and have fun

Kids just want to be happy... they have no concept of this 'money' thing. And to be honest when we buy things for kids we have no idea if it'll make them happy... and guess what they have more fun with the boxes 'stuff' came in, than the actual thing itself... because the box gives the child the opportunity to create.. imagine... play. Kids do what makes them happy... If it doesn't it is simple... they stop doing it. Move on to try something else.

5. Creation, Imagination and Play

As we grow older we do much less of these three things... we start believing things are the way they are... we stop imagining we can create something different.. we stop having fun... start working and start paying bills and repaying debt. Start procrastinating and finding excuses for not doing things, building our own box of restriction to hibernate in... Through deciding to have fun... treating life from a Kids perspective... we can rekindle our imagination.

6. No isn't an acceptable response

Kids don't understand the words... can't and no... why can't it be done? ... because... because what? ... Kids believe everything is possible because they haven't learned about the box yet. 'The Box?'. Yep the box we build around ourselves based on other peoples judgement and opinion which serves to contain us evermore into being limited by other peoples beliefs about us.

We stop believing that we have the power and can change / do whatever we want. We have the power to change everything. Can't roughly translated into my vocabulary means ...

"Can't just means, at the moment I have yet to find the solution that meets the desired outcomes I am looking for... but I'm going to keep searching until I either find them or create them, and I'm going to have a heck of a lot of fun while I'm doing it!"

7. No Judgement

Kids see things as they are... they don't apply years of acquired filters, of conditioning, cynicism, expectation, so called failures, disappointments... they trust people and believe in people immediately...

then... we start to learn without consciousness... and we are conditioned to be distrustful and believe everyone needs to prove themselves 'worthy' first... worthy, according to who? .. your values... a strange set of parameters only contained in one human being on the planet... how egotistical that our right is the only right...

Not all people we meet are going to be good people... sometimes that turns out to be untrue... but good nurturing, support, care and resilience building helps us to overcome trauma and maybe our learning is to become compassionate, caring people... everything always comes with two parts... the good and the bad... we need to rise above them... we remain... no matter what took place, the world didn't change, our view has unless... now we process... interpret and see the truth... without our filtered spectacles...

Final words for this word... 

Through being in the moment, kids LIVE... they have no plans for the future... they are interested in what they are doing today. What if we all did more of the above? ... I think if I had to interpret the words of Jesus then pretty much what he was saying is... happiness... the absolute right for every single human being, is hidden in the secrets of our children. They hold the keys to being happy... and thereby the Kingdom of God... or the Universal truth... however it fits with your beliefs...

At this point in time I believe we can learn far more of value from them, then they learn from us.


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