Saturday musings, innovation and reflections...

Well the end of another week of discovery!

Enlightenment and progress... It's been a really interesting time writing a surfeit of blog posts during this period of Lent.

Someone asked this week why am I writing the posts? ... that will be the subject of another post later today.

One of this weeks words was 'Self Discipline'... an interesting word often confused with self harm, discipline and punishment. Please do read the post about this... but as I was musing over Self Discipline it can be used to huge effect when trying to be the best you can be... but with it you can get lost in your own ego and 'greatness'. So it is as always in life, a bit of balance.

We can see from the slimming and dieting world that 'self discipline' to restrict what we eat or change what we eat to something that we think is helping us but not natural (pills, shakes, juices) can help to give us a start, but it is focusing on the losing weight not on creating sustainable changes in ourselves. That's where the self discipline needs to come in... rather than punish ourselves consuming something we don't like... which quite frankly we won't do for ever... it is once again short term profit for those selling goods in that sector.... it would seem that our desire for short term rapid results (and spending money on a quick fix) is more preferable to long term life altering gains... A whole industry feeds off this... as we know.

I've released a new website today (only here at the moment if you're quick) for Link4Business in SWHerts. Link4Business is a complete business support system. Since BusinessLink disappeared which I wasn't a big fan of there is not much for those starting in business to tap into... if you think "Business Link" (if you can remember it) but 10 times (that's probably conservative) more effective and useful... that's Link4Business... Do visit the website above and check it out... There is also some more BIG news coming up this weekend as I start work on a couple of additional complementary ideas to work alongside this providing even more value for our local business community.

My attempts at Yoga look like this... 

I just love innovation... 

and don't forget on the 20th and the 23rd March we have two fabulous innovation events... We will be talking about "BIG" at both... so don't miss out and we will be implementing this idea from April onwards... it could be very BIG.... I am going to keep you in suspense until a post later this weekend about what this is all about... so stay tuned.

Another chance to do Yoga this afternoon... after 8 years of saying I was going to... the universe has decreed the time is right... how do I know? ... I went last Saturday... signing up for 5 sessions this afternoon with +Uma Patil ... check out her website Yoga Curious ... and if you are in SW Herts and curious (you could just want to join us) we are doing it every Saturday 4-5pm ... would be good to see you and grow this session.

More posts over the weekend... as I try to get all this lovely content written down... watch out also for the community news letter coming up next week... the SW Herts Business Newsletter - Issue 2 can be found here on the archive page....


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