Why we should celebrate Trump & Brexit!

Let me introduce this piece by stating this is not a rant!

As a brief interlude to my Lent word challenge and following on from a conversation I had out networking at +Watford Weekly Business this morning... 

Why what is happening right now should actually be celebrated and welcomed not criticised and opposed.

Our society is corrupt. We know that, we knew it all along... and this corruption is rife all over the world not just in places too far away for us to get our hands really dirty (we have an army for that). The corruption is in Whitehall, in Europe and in the senate of America... it's everywhere. The reason? Money... how has it been achieved? Through focusing our attention on Black vs White, Good vs Bad, Fossil Fuel vs Clean Energy, Women vs Men, the Hav's the Have nots... It's a constant process of providing opposing views of the same challenge and then letting us (the people) do battle... we divide ourselves, voluntarily, and whilst we're squabbling? ... business as usual thanks very much.

So... Why would I dare to say we should celebrate Trump being popped into office. According to what the papers say, what the news says, what people I talk to say... (personally I've never met the man or had a conversation with him) is that Trump is setting us back 50 perhaps 100 years or even more. So let us explore this...

What Trump (and the same can be said of Brexit) has done is bring very much into the spotlight some major issues and I'm going to deal with these one by one. These are huge issues. These are issues that hitherto have been just 'toyed with'. We have seen the most passive and docile acceptance that these issues need to be addressed by all leaders with no REAL progress... just a feigned intent with little in the way of follow through. We were placated, and our apathy stroked into complacency and acceptance. We got on bickering about which side of the coin was best... giving away our power and becoming a divided ineffective mass of people.

So along comes a larger that life... Comic Book character called Trump... He is like a super hero of the Marvel days and if you listen to him and his supporters he, like Batman, is here to save his "Gotham city".

This... and the items below gives us such clarity on the important issues...

Business and money is God

Trump focuses us squarely on Money, Business and Greed. That's the nature of the man. He believes everyone wants to be rich like him. He is a role model for all... but as per my post about Lent [...Day 13 ~ Built] the whole existing framework of society is built on sand... it's about to go bang... even more of the same is just accelerating the process... more fuel on the fire! ... it's good in one sense that we will come to the crunch sooner... it will be painful whenever we get there... well done Trump, perhaps he will go down as the biggest catalyst for change bar none!

Looking after the planet is not required

Climate change at the hands of man is not an issue... so says Trump! Ok... well one thing is sure, mother earth was here long before the human species, and, she will be here long after we're gone.

It makes sense to live in harmony with our planet. We live here. Everything that has ever happened in our species has happened here. We are seriously affecting the planets systems. We are now affecting its weather patterns, we're polluting the rivers, seas and the very air we breathe. We can carry on doing this in the name of profit to falsely manufacture jobs to make people rich... Trump is selling this as necessary to make the US great again...

We have the technology and know how to create energy freely from what nature / the universe provides. We don't have to burn fossil fuels to create energy. In 100 years people will look back with horror at the very idea that we burned fuels and just let that pollution enter our atmosphere for decades upon decades.

The route Trump is taking is clearly not a sustainable road... the fossil fuels will be exhausted... the damage factor too high... the alternative sustainable models now becoming available and moreover for the masses... Trump is one man... if we want to have a more sustainable model... let's go create the building blocks of change... ourselves!

Misogyny is alive and well

We are entering a period of time where people, relationships and connection is going to be the currency of life. Community, collaboration and collectively innovating to create the solutions for a more beautiful future are where we ought to be spending our time. Not the constant chase for money.

To do this we need to be nurturing, supportive, caring, empathetic and compassionate... we need to recognise the feminine and masculine energies and that they are both required equally to create a sustainable future for our species. There is absolutely no place for treating women with anything less than complete admiration... we both have so much to learn from each other. Blog post from February 2014 [... why women are the key to our future not men] (read feminine / masculine)

To reduce any element of society whether it be gender, age, or race to being a group, collective object is not our future. Trump's 'cave man' thinking (through actions not words) has no place in our world of the future... and hopefully through his behaviour he has adequately demonstrated this.

Division is better than unification 

Trump is a true Narcissist. He is right you are wrong. He will build a bigger gang, lie and cheat and discredit you. He will crush you and tread on you to prove that his is right and he will humiliate you in the process.

Does this sound like the gang you want to be in? ... or would you like a nurturing and supportive environment where you are free from the pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others. Where you can choose to learn from others, and / or do some experimenting of your own... decide what works for you and have caring people around you to support you with your choices. Nurture you when it doesn't work... help find plan B and then go again... until you find your own way... 

Narcissists divide and conquer. We've had a bit of that in the past haven't we? ... not really a great success. Shall we give focusing on what we all share; being a Human being, working towards being the best one of those we can be... stop comparing ourselves with others and be the best version of ourselves possible... and then... start contributing with others with our skills and talents to help forge the world we'd like to live in... Maybe just maybe that is where we are... we've tried the others... time for a new Game

Fighting and warring is good for jobs

I think War and fighting each other has kept money floating around the economy since the Chinese boom started to decelerate. Trump has now decided that upping the spend in this area is the right decision. Why? ... because this will create more jobs perhaps? ... not a thought about the implications? I'm alright Jack. Remember £17 trillion in global debt... just a short step away until over the brink.

How is producing more destructive, tools of death helping? This is unsustainable and promoting the thought process that we are going to be arguing and fighting wars for some time to come. What kind of message of hope and positivity is this?

We know this is going in the opposite direction to that which is needed. Now is our chance... now is our chance to say... one man is not going to take the worlds population in a direction it doesn't want to go. We have this opportunity to say, No thank you. We don't want this. We don't have to fight in armies... we don't have to work in factories producing arms. We don't need to sell warring tools to countries that intend to use them, just so we can have more money in our pockets... 

There are other ways to lead... exporting the ability to make energy from the sun... or create drinking water from the sea.... simple available solutions to real human challenges and connecting more folk to our global family... how can we all have a voice if many are still not connected.

Lack of understanding that the world has / is changing (or desire to maintain the status quo)

I think Trump has highlighted in no uncertain way that taking us back to the last century and the 'good old days' is the agenda. Trying to bring history back to life... a huge challenge as the world has moved on.

For many of us, we do suffer with the same fixation based on our own experience. Many running a business today were taught by those who ran a business in the 60's, 70's and 80's that's what we know. That is what Trump knows. But the world is a very different place today. You can't bring those tools from last century into the 21st century and think they are going to work... for heavens sake that's why we're in the mess we're in! ... the world is more connected... we have far greater levels of automation... jobs are in mass decline... 50% of us will be creating our own work in the not too distant future.

It's the frightening lack of awareness of what is happening in the world today that is has been highlighted so succinctly by Trump's first few months. It's Trump's attachment and unshakable faith in reinvigorating an old dying paradigm with no future that stands out so clearly now.

It's the dogmatic pursuit of his beliefs regardless of the consequences, because he alone is right, that has highlighted the presence (and danger) of all the narcissists we have in positions of power around the world.

We now know what to look out for... we know that these Narcissistic people destroy community not create it... they destroy unity with divisive behavious... they "self serve" at the expense of others... these are the virus amongst us that need neutralising or ostracizing.  

I couldn't give a monkeys to be fair whether Trump Towers was under surveillance or not, there is little I care less about. At best it's an interesting story about hearsay and conjecture that means absolutely zip in my life... The availability of a quicker way to get elderly family members to the Hospital in Watford is far more important... What we care about is what is going on around us... that's where we spend our lives and our days... there are exceptions... but I put it to you... worrying about rubbish in the news about what is happening in the US will have zero bearing on what happens in Watford or SW Herts... the only way things will change here, where it matters most, is if we get out there and Take Action, make a contribution!

How many hours do you think have been wasted (unless at a dinner party, or in an entertainment context) on Brexit and Trump? ... What difference did it make? ... change anyone's opinion? No... cause any major legislative improvements? ... No... shouting about it made you feel better? ... maybe...

In Conclusion

Now... what if we looked at Trump and Brexit as an opportunity to see VERY CLEARLY what we need to work on... what isn't working because it is NOW blatantly obvious and staring us in the face. THIS IS OUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY. We have "right now" a man showing us what is wrong with the world on the biggest stage in the world. How big does the hint have to get? ... The Universe is saying... for heavens sake... how clear a message do you humans need? ... Stop fighting each other... start uniting at the "Human being" level... you've all got that in common at least... we're all the same in that respect... start sorting this mess out!

So .... stop moaning, criticizing and bleating how bad it is... start innovating, creating, finding alternative ways to alleviate these challenges. Why don't we do that right here in SW Herts (where you live)? ... I suggest where it matters most to the people who live here... and more importantly we can take action and make it happen.

To do this we don't oppose... we learn the lessons being shown to us... and we seek collaboratively to combine our collective talent, knowledge, connections, expertise and passion to build what works for us here in this neck of the woods... and guess what... when we've done it? ... others might want to see how we did it, then we can help others to do it in their towns, villages and cities and we can rebuild the future we want...

BUT IT STARTS HERE... and it starts now... where we can have an impact... not 3,000 miles away.


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