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Beware - Fake News... but it is plausible...

LEAKED Documents from the government office (not really) And so Theresa May was summoned to appear before a committee consisting of all the large corporations in London who have been behind the conservatives (and Tony Blair)... back in March 2017 Spokesman: Good morning Theresa, thanks for coming. We want you to call a snap election. Theresa May: Why? we are doing fine, I'm just getting my feet under the table and we are way ahead in the polls Spokesman: I can't tell you everything Theresa but let us just say it is essential you call a general election Theresa May:  Possibly it would be a good thing, I can get that. Consolidate my position as elected, strengthen the support for our policies. Give Brexit more authority. Spokesman: Just one more thing Theresa... we want you to lose the election... and... we don't want it too look too obvious either. Theresa May:  What? Why on earth would I want to call an election and then lose it? You must explain! Spoke

Time to get the bike out!

Funny how people and things pop up in your life... or is it? Back at Christmas I made a decision that during 2017 I wasn't going to drive around as much and that more time was to be spent in SW Herts. This was brought about by a combination of things. Supporting and helping with my mother My  +Link4Growth  district is  +Link4Growth SW Herts  and I want to grow the success we have on supporting and growing local community ... check out the community hub here I want to work with local entrepreneurs and build a rock solid local business support network... so that we all win through collaboration and working together. I want to spend more time developing local things I am involved in such as Table Tennis I want to drive less, up my game on fitness levels and use my time more effectively Spend more time doing things I am passionate about Through transitioning Link4Growth to an Association, providing the space and oxygen for it to expand into its full potential So now 1/2

Using 21st century tools with a 20th century mindset

It's been an interesting few weeks talking to micro business owners about their businesses. As per a guest blog written for Link4Growth  one of the biggest challenges for micro businesses is not meeting new people but actually getting unbiased advice and guidance about how to develop their endeavour. As a micro business owner getting our message out to those that could benefit from what we have to offer is a major challenge. So the phenomena I am about to describe is totally understandable.... A huge number of startup businesses are initiated by those leaving the corporate world and who are looking for a change in direction (many in the 40+ age group) The largest growth in Facebook usage is the 40+ demographic... with money to spend and new businesses Social Media is seen as a low cost advertising and marketing platform to 'sell' and 'advertise' We have grown up in a world that believes if you throw enough marketing at things, some will stick and business

How is your mum doing? ... a simple question isn't it? ... or is it?

Communication is a hugely complex subject Even more so because communication often comes with a whole load of baggage. What do I mean by that? Many of you know my mum has been unwell of late, she is doing ok right now though which is great. So let's look at the simple question "How is your mum doing?" This could be a very simple question... taken at face value with a genuine heartfelt interest and desire to get the latest update. However it might also be a leading question, loaded with all manner of other judgments. Let me explain what I mean. Last week I had a meeting with  +Jon Thorne  who was explaining to me about how autistic people just aren't hard wired for 'socialisation'. What he meant by that is that questions are answered without the complication of saying what is acceptable to the recipient. This comes across as rude or lacking empathy... but it is neither, it is a hard wired difference in the way the brain works. This type of thinking c

A quick update on abstinence from Alcohol...

A quick recap. Back on March 1 2016 I made a decision to quit drinking alcohol. There are various blog posts on here about why that happened ( at the start , and in April 2017 ). As you will see it started off as a permanent decision but then at Christmas (although still not drinking) I did change my mind and decided not to be a victim of my own dogma. So during my last trip to Budapest I did have a few cans of beer. Not strong... not over the top... actually it came about because the wrong beer (not alcohol free) had been purchased... a huge long walk across the north of Hungary and into Slovakia... 20 miles or so... a very late night... a bath... aches and pains... possibly fractured rib and a decision to just enjoy a cold one in the bath. No fanfare... no guilt... no beating myself up... just an enjoyable (and it was) glass of Hungarian beer. That was a total of 465 days... although to be honest I had to compute that as I had long since lost interest in keeping track.

What's love got to do with it?

Love comes in many forms... We can love our parents, we love our children... we love our partners... we can love people that we meet and help and support... there are many forms of love... But what is love? it's a really difficult question to answer. It's one of those questions that we think we can answer but then it sneaks off in another direction and we begin to question ourselves as to whether we really know anything about love or not. I would like to share some thoughts about Love... they are neither right nor wrong... maybe for you I am way off the mark but the question of Love comes up so often in all aspects of our life that giving it some space to reflect isn't a bad thing... So for me... I think to love someone is to do something for someone because you want to. Not necessarily because you were asked... not because you expect something back from that person, but pure and simply just because you can. It is the selfless action of doing something for another