Time to get the bike out!

Funny how people and things pop up in your life... or is it?

Back at Christmas I made a decision that during 2017 I wasn't going to drive around as much and that more time was to be spent in SW Herts. This was brought about by a combination of things.

  1. Supporting and helping with my mother
  2. My +Link4Growth district is +Link4Growth SW Herts and I want to grow the success we have on supporting and growing local community ... check out the community hub here
  3. I want to work with local entrepreneurs and build a rock solid local business support network... so that we all win through collaboration and working together.
  4. I want to spend more time developing local things I am involved in such as Table Tennis
  5. I want to drive less, up my game on fitness levels and use my time more effectively
  6. Spend more time doing things I am passionate about
  7. Through transitioning Link4Growth to an Association, providing the space and oxygen for it to expand into its full potential
So now 1/2 way through the year and much of the above is already full steam ahead or work-in-progress and some bits already sorted. However, once the intent was set... then other people and opportunities started to appear along the way.

Local events, Health Monitors, TV programs on Health... Table Tennis ideas... Yoga... and now getting my bike serviced properly so that I can 'get on my bike' so to speak and begin to some cardio work going, all good for getting back into Table Tennis as well.

So here is the idea... I am passionate about health... passionate about Link4Growth and all the community work going on locally... passionate about healthy food and exercise... passionate about sustainability and working in harmony with the planet... so why not bring all these elements together and... if others would like to get involved for a bit of fun during the summer why not?

I will be using my newly MOT's bike (cycle) to get along to as many of my Link4Growth and community commitments during the summer, improve health, save on fuel and more environmentally friendly. The SW Herts District extends to Rickmansworth and also to Kings Langley... maybe 10 square miles... and perfectly doable... also... 

In growing a local business development network we should be supporting each other... so wherever possible I will be utilising the services of our fellow committed 'go to give' entrepreneurs.... this covers... coffee shops for the events ( +The Kitchen Croxley, Perk Coffee Shop (Kerry), Villiers Coffee House, Flourish Bakery and many more), health monitoring (Lily), Yoga with +Uma Patil (getting in real tune with Mind, Body, Spirit), local Bike shop (in Queens Road)... local suppliers of excellent fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, milk, fish, meat and those providing business and community services such as +Nish Thenuwara+Angie Carstairs.

Sometimes we do things in isolation... one part at a time, but for me if they can all be brought together as part and parcel of a much wider set of objectives involving lots of different people contributing their bit of the jigsaw puzzle then that works much better.

Looks like a fun summer ahead!


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