Summer on the bike!

This year back in early May...

I decided that I would get my bike serviced and try and see how it might work reducing the car usage back to the absolute minimum.

So I committed to myself to using pedal power as opposed to fossil fuel for June / July and August to see how things might go. The spin off benefits of course obviously exercise for one... a daily bike ride (or collection of short ones) of 2 or 3 miles plus the odd longer one thrown in will give me a good cardio workout and also useful for the larger leg muscle groups.

Many of us have bikes which we rarely use and I was no different I think the last time I rode a bike in earnest was maybe 3 years ago and even then only very sporadically never getting really back into it properly.

So 2 and a half weeks in how is it going?

Well I'm really enjoying it. A daily visit to my mums at the moment is being substituted with a bike ride whenever possible, the long days means I can really do the journey after 9pm which is great as I can get lots done before heading out... still in the light.

I'm cycling to as many Link4Growth events as is possible... they are all within a 6 mile radius from me which is great...

I'm watching my cardio improve daily (now got a little monitor for the wrist as people who exercise generally do these days) ... and loving it... I also feel the legs getting stronger... probably getting a bit more hungry as burning more fuel... but in general all very good...

Final Words...

Surprised that the Swarm app mentioned to me today that although it is great posting pictures of my bike etc. but it will be good when I get my licence back, won't it? ... haha... assumptions, assumptions... #fail ... licence is intact as is the car... this is a lifestyle choice!!

If you fancy 'getting on your bike' this summer go on give it a whirl... allegedly a month of warm summer sun coming up!


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