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Life is... Give and Take

Another really interesting session last week with  +Viktoria Duda . In the session, interestingly, we were not looking at past lives... a more standardised hypnotherapy approach to explore what people are showing up and what they are able to teach me... When we evaluate our life and what we are doing it presents us with many opportunities to check in with what is important to us. What does success look like? Do we want to be famous? Do we want to be known for something around the world... or do we want to go about what is important and fulfill what we want whether others notice of not? ... or are we someone that creates inspiration... a source of energy and enthusiasm that encourages others to find their way in life.. A lot of reflections especially around Give and Take... Give is seen as good very often and taking seen as bad and selfish... actually take could be substituted by receive albeit the connotations are different; one being more aggressive than the other. But in thi

Yet another post on the 70-30 rule...

Last year in July about a year ago to the day I wrote a blog post about the 70-30 rule. The idea that this ought to replace the out of date 80-20 rule. You can check that blog out here . This blog was all about the idea you can get to 70% of an idea and release it all on your own pretty much... so nothing except you preventing the idea from being birthed. The second blog post was the realisation looking back on my school days that to go from middle of the road Mr. Average 70% to 80% and beyond required such a herculean effort that I wasn't prepared to make that sacrifice. You can read that blog here . The reason why I am revisiting this particular topic for a 3rd time is because of the numbers once more... Your personal community (network)  Us humans are a pretty sociable bunch but to be honest there is a real limit of how many people we can have in our trusted networks. This is because to get to trust someone we need to spend time with them and really get to know them.

Past / Future life - Part 3 ~ Thoughts so far

Below... a series of reflections from the first 3 sessions with Viktoria ... Many of these had already been formed in my mind over the past few years. What the sessions have done is clarify, amplify and enable me to write them down in this form.  There is no order in the list below... and there is no assumption they are right or wrong... just thoughts that have come to pass in the reflection of the hours spent intensively wandering into my mind... I hope you find them thought provoking too...  Good cannot exist without the bad What we make of this life is either heaven or hell ... we all have the power to create either. It can only be delivered from within. When our time has come at the end of this life, the examination we must pass is the one we will set for ourselves. As our life flashes before us, we will have a period to reflect on our time here... what will you say to your consciousness? ... am I happy "how I served here" how I utilised my time here, did I l

Past / Future Life - Part 2 ~ What's gone on so far

So having set the scene in Part 1... let us now explore some of the substance of what actually happened. Not too much detail here as (1) there would be too much to write... and (2) there is much still to process and reflect upon... but hope the details below give you a clue to how it has been for me so far...  Initial Session    So this session is about explaining what happens. What the intention is of the project and ensure that the commitment is there to work through the programme. So what am I looking for?   Well I am seeking to find ways to perhaps accelerate the consciousness transitioning that we are experiencing right now. Maybe some magic that enables much larger numbers to commence their journey. I believe that potential insights gained from this research project could provide some direction to achieve this. Quite honestly I believe that if we keep applying rational thought from things we already know we'll remain in the box we have already built. To move out

Past / future Life Novice - Part 1 ~ How it began

Towards the back end of 2016 I met Viktoria for the first time. I had no idea really what Viktoria did except teaching languages using hypnotherapy... and that she was from Budapest my 2nd home town! ... moreover she was heading back to Hungary for good. So we arranged to meet in Budapest the very next month as I already had a trip planned. There will be another blog on kindness but actually Viktoria gave us a reason to talk regularly at Xmas with a surprise package of 10 x 1 hour Hungarian lessons... but the caveat I had to use them by the end of March! The rest is pretty much history.. after March we agreed to work together some more. For me the Hungarian... for Viktoria some coaching on exploring ways for her to take her interests forward. What has come out of the initial sessions (apart from my Hungarian improving) is that for Viktoria the development of what was 'a strong interest' in Past / Future Lives to this being a full on mainstream activity. You can re

Apathy might not be the main cause of our inaction for change...

I hear the word Apathy a lot   "People are so apathetic. They want change but no one is prepared to do anything". There is often a moment of rage about an event, or a person, where everyone is up in arms... but life moves on... memories are short... and whether we believe it or not... we leave it for others to take care of it as the next issue, big news story rolls onto the TV or into the newspaper. Social media is agog with dismay about Brexit and the Election... and yet in our communities it's business as usual... we're upset of course... we're angry for a bit of course... but let's be honest no one really changes do they... we just carry on. Why is that do you think?  is it too tough making ends meet? money, jobs, keep focused otherwise we'll suffer do we feel we can't really make a difference? have we not really got a channel which we believe will make a difference? So all we're really doing is making it a little uncomfortable fo