Past / Future Life - Part 2 ~ What's gone on so far

So having set the scene in Part 1... let us now explore some of the substance of what actually happened. Not too much detail here as (1) there would be too much to write... and (2) there is much still to process and reflect upon... but hope the details below give you a clue to how it has been for me so far... 

Initial Session  

So this session is about explaining what happens. What the intention is of the project and ensure that the commitment is there to work through the programme.

So what am I looking for? 

Well I am seeking to find ways to perhaps accelerate the consciousness transitioning that we are experiencing right now. Maybe some magic that enables much larger numbers to commence their journey. I believe that potential insights gained from this research project could provide some direction to achieve this.
Quite honestly I believe that if we keep applying rational thought from things we already know we'll remain in the box we have already built. To move outside this we have to entertain new ideas and reach out into the "What if?" zone.... whacky initial ideas... have been the mother of human progress for eons.  

I always enjoy the sensation that comes with, having no idea what you are about to do, but are doing it anyway. There is a lot of trust being handed over to the person you are working with. In this vulnerable state (working with the mind)... I had literally no idea what we were about to do, where it would lead... what I would learn.

I think that there needs to be a great connection in these situations because Viktoria (in this case) is very aware of 'the process' and where it might lead...  and it's absolutely essential she is able to sense whether the person she is working with will be able to cope / manage the potential outcomes. There might be a willingness from the candidate but it's a willingness (definitely in my case) without a clue of what is going on.

Session 1

In this session... I am not sure whether it was a past life or not... what we understand as a past life is open to an infinite number of potential variants. In a society that generally poo-poos the very idea (from a scientific perspective) it is very much leave your mind open for whatever enters in.

In my first session there was an incredibly strong theme of supporting and helping others to move forward in their lives. To share experiences and to help people to develop and grow. Very much in a manner of being at one with ourselves, happiness, contentment, and sharing those thoughts and realisations through acceptance, contribution and humility. Very powerful thoughts and opened up some immediate reframing... quite enlightening. Actual live projects have been altered following this session...

Session 2

This session was kind of interrupted with the realisation that there are some significant differences between the way people process emotions. Some disregard them and appear cold and heartless... others take on their emotions and do battle with them constantly... and yet others still appear to be able to ride those emotions with apparent ease... accept them... learn from them... but somehow be detached from them when they do not serve us in a helpful way... which are you?

Session 3

Like session one this was another trip into a past / future life. This time a glimpse into the future. What does that mean in my situation? Was I really seeing and experiencing a future life? ... did I actually experience a past life in Session one?

To be honest I don't know... I was accessing the ideas, being open, considering questions like "what if?" ... immersed in the creative, dreamlike areas of my consciousness... so what was it? ... It was thoughts, feelings, emotions... creative, useful, helpful perspectives... were they really helpful? Will they help achieve the reason for participating in the research project? ... I believe so... it's looking very much like it.

Session 3 revealed different ways that we perceive the future of the human race... will it be a hell like existence where humans have destroyed this planet and are now only able to survive in huge cities shielded from a polluted world by domes. Unable to venture into the open world... or will it be heaven? ... a glorious harmonious planet with lush vegetation, animals and humans living in harmony... each organism respectful of the "interdependent" nature of all things? ... or will humans cease to exist at all? ... will we create a cataclysmic 'end game' scenario, a world we can't live on at all, or a type of super computer that needs only "a" form of energy and no food to maintain their existence with the careful but inevitable departure of the human race... perhaps our part in the experiment coming to a natural conclusion?

in the next post ... some of the thoughts and ideas from the sessions so far... no facts just things to ponder... 


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