Past / Future life - Part 3 ~ Thoughts so far

Below... a series of reflections from the first 3 sessions with Viktoria... Many of these had already been formed in my mind over the past few years. What the sessions have done is clarify, amplify and enable me to write them down in this form. 

There is no order in the list below... and there is no assumption they are right or wrong... just thoughts that have come to pass in the reflection of the hours spent intensively wandering into my mind...

I hope you find them thought provoking too... 

Good cannot exist without the bad

What we make of this life is either heaven or hell ... we all have the power to create either. It can only be delivered from within.

When our time has come at the end of this life, the examination we must pass is the one we will set for ourselves. As our life flashes before us, we will have a period to reflect on our time here... what will you say to your consciousness? ... am I happy "how I served here" how I utilised my time here, did I learn all that I could, did I help others, or was I here to show how not to do that... or will there be a different answer? ... will you be pleased with the use to which you put the gift of your body, life, mind, heart, love and soul?

We are all energy... and our time here is spent "in whatever form our transmutation of this energy exists", are we sensors or 'feeds' for our soul perhaps serving the learning / understanding of a higher consciousness. An analogy might be do we serve to feed a higher consciousness in the same way that camera's, keyboards, video, messages, blogs and all manner of media feed the internet and its increasing 'awareness'.

We are all important and part of this universal experiment. Every element of a cell, of a body, of the human species, of the animal kingdom, or any aspect of this world is not wasted. Everything is here for a reason, or why would it be here?

We are all unique... we are like that because every facet of learning and understanding from every perspective is needed. None are right or wrong. The absolute vastness of the permutations requires every single one of us. This human story is set to continue (yet a while anyhow).

Humans are stories. Our life is our story... it is a collection of learnings... multiple lives enables our consciousness to evolve through different stories.

Everything happens for a reason. Our challenge in today's society is that often many of us are too busy chasing money, possessions, ego, control... that we miss all the lessons. Sadly we have little or no time to reflect and learn from events that have happened in our lives.

The universe keeps delivering the same lessons until the lesson is learned. Each time the lesson is delivered it does so in a different and more powerful way... unless we are aware we won't see the lessons... if the lessons are not learned it might just seem that life is both hard and painful. Pain, anguish, anxiety, stress probably means we are heading in a different direction to the one our soul is seeking.

Many of us are defined by our emotions. What if instead of reacting to them we tried to understand why we are experiencing them. To use our emotions to learn lessons and to help us to evolve. Standing outside of the emotions and understanding what it is that is actually stimulating us to feel angry, happy, peaceful, content, motivated, miserable, shameful, guilty, depressed, humble, compassionate or any other emotion we might experience. In the understanding of the emotion is greater clarity of where our challenges lay.

To assist us creating a future of harmony on this planet maybe we should find our purpose our passion. We probably already know it. We just assume that doing what we love isn't 'how it is'. We need to conform. be a regular citizen and fit in with the others. What is we could find, connect, and be with others who have the same passion? How awesome would that be? Work together with our tribe to deliver new, exciting and innovative solutions for whatever is our purpose. This requires people, connections, shared passion, communication... places (not necessarily physical) to come together... no one in charge, no boss, no money... just people wanting to contribute and serve according to their calling.

Every single person is already playing a part in creating the 'new future'. Consciousness is rising. Trump, Brexit, responses to these (and other stories), increased polarisation and extremism... all forms of control, manipulation, corruption, greed, intolerance, division, fear, injustice, inequality all being exposed for us to witness, experience and learn from. Now we have examples of our challenges right in front of us, in great clarity.

Both Good and Bad must exist. If we bring this "the greatest of battles - Good against evil" inside of us, internalise the struggle, instead of externalising and inflicting on others... then... just maybe we can elevate ourselves and create that future world like we could like to see...


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