Our life is full of coincidences or is it?

In 2016 early in the year the name Viktoria Duda was first made known to me. I think what happened was that being a Hungarian and the fact I often talk about Hungary, it was suggested I ought to connect with Viktoria.

So we connected in the customary way on Facebook... although I noted that it looked like this kind of platform wasn't where Viktoria spent most of her time!

We infrequently connected on messenger every so often but it wasn't until August 2016 that we both agreed it would be good to actually meet rather than just the light touch facebook connection. So it was we met on the 3rd Friday I think it was in Hitchin at a Link4Coffee.

There was a huge amount of interest from both of us about the different projects we were involved in. Language, Hypnotherapy and Metanoia (programme on self awakening) on Viktoria's part and the whole idea of Link4Growth, the intent, principles and values of the organisation and those spreading the message on my part. What I also learned was that this was going to be the 1st and last meeting we were going to have in England... two weeks later Viktoria was moving back to Hungary... permanently.

Well no worries because actually in 3 weeks I was going to be in Budapest anyway... so we arranged to meet at my flat to have a catch up and see how we could help each other...

A lot has happened since...  

  • The Link4Growth book is for the most part now translated into Hungarian... thank you!!  There will be challenges getting it published but that's another story.
  • Viktoria is now teaching me Hungarian language grammar... although people can understand what I say, it is a bit caveman... my spoken Hungarian with better grammar would improve immeasurably. So a very generous Xmas present of 10 lessons with the caveat that they had to be used by the end of March 2017! .... progress started quickly in Jan...
  • At the end of the 10 lessons we agreed a mutually beneficial arrangement where the Hungarian lessons continued but in turn I spent an hour working with Viktoria on expanding and developing her own series of programmes and workshops and how to get then out there to a wider audience.
  • Viktoria is also running a Metanoia group in my flat in Budapest which meets monthly and is just the kind of conversational / personal development groups I had envisioned for the flat when being renovated... so that is personally hugely satisfying for me.
  • I have also enrolled onto Viktoria's past / future lives research project. An initiative spawned after speaking at a conference on the subject in America earlier this year... That has been hugely revealing for me... so many things have come from this in terms of my thinking and it has had a major impact on why I am doing what I am... what drives me... and how it can all be expedited... There are so many things to include in my lifetime... I feel a rather large mind map coming together imminently. The clarity will help to visualise and manifest what I am here to do...
  • We got lost in the hills of the Slovakian / Hungarian border, had fabulous conversations and both fell over in the mud twice... there was pain... and there was mud! Also took a few wrong turns... 15 mile walk that was supposed to be 8!

So why am I telling you all this? 

Well how things change in a year... in 2015 I made a statement that I felt I needed to embrace far more spirituality in my life... in 2016... 5 mentors appeared... not spiritual coaches... but nevertheless there to teach me fundamental lessons that now serve me brilliantly... but there is no end destination... just more to learn... more to be inspired by... more people to meet... more love to give... more people to serve... more kindness to outpour... I am moving forward with the spirit of an adventurer, trusting in my resourcefulness and resilience, with no predetermined plan except to share the path with those who want to do the same... it will be fun... it will be exciting... and it will help a stack of people too... all in line with how I see my life's purpose.

I am a firm believer in continued self growth, continued self investment. When we keep learning, when we keep growing, we continue to expand our thoughts. Every day is a new adventure and the more we know the more we comprehend how little we know... we are a tiny part of this amazing jigsaw puzzle called the universe... all interdependent on this planet and beyond... all here to fulfil some purpose... whether this is to learn lessons, teach lessons, or help others with the tools we have been blessed with.

Metanoia Online

So on the 3rd September I will join in with Viktoria's new Online - Metanoia workshop... 12 monthly 3 hours sessions... after the first they will be on the second Sunday at 5pm GMT. I am definitely looking forward to this... I absolutely love thinking... this promises to be a massive ThinkFest!

Please do take a look at the Metanoia programme here for a more detailed explanation of what it will cover. If you've got space this year to work further on yourself this might be the thing you have been waiting for...

A coincidence... a chance meeting?

A chance connection this one? ... what do you think? ... A coincidence that I just happened to be learning Hungarian and that Viktoria is Hungarian... and a teacher (her mum also teaches Hungarian as a second language) ?

I believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe that we often are just too busy to reflect on things that happen and thereby walk on past opportunities dusting ourselves down, because we just didn't 'see' them...

We can all not bother... we can all think ourselves out of making that new connection... sending that email... doing something a little out of our comfort zone. One thing is for sure if we do nothing... nothing happens, nothing changes, more of what we are already experiencing... if we do something, nothing also might happen... but then again something just might!

Why not do something... take some action... if you would like to do something a bit different then here is an opportunity that's just come your way... you're reading this... why did that happen? What drove you to read this to the end... reflect.... where could the next 12 months take you???  ... you gotta do something different though!



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