4 years today... never looked back...

30th September 2013 was the day. The day that I decided to stop using supermarkets. I must admit, as in previous blogs I have written on this subject, this decision wasn't without some trepidation.

We have become so reliant on the convenience and the availability of 95% of what we want day to day that is delivered through the multitude of supermarket options that we now have available. We often forget though... these are businesses there to sell us what makes them money and returns a fat profit for their shareholders.

Gibsons - Watford
As the Tesco meat scandal of Willow Farms rolls through the media (soon to be forgotten by the way) we are reminded once again where supermarkets allegiance really lies... and that isn't ensuring that we have optimum food and ingredients for our health.

So it was 4 years ago... 

A decision very much aligned with getting to know more local people and to understand what makes our communities tick. With a vision to knit together stronger communities and share what our great independent local businesses do.

How has it gone? ... well you would be surprised. Please do read the previous blogs... one from a year in and another when three years were completed.

When I share with others that I haven't been in a supermarket for 'n' years often people are aghast... how can you do that? ... a reaction often repeated when I explain I don't have a TV either. The point is we all have the option to not use supermarkets. Yes it might be difficult, yes it might be less convenient and comfortable... yes it might take longer and perhaps cost more (not my experience) but... if you feel passionate about supporting local businesses, and want to get more integrated with the local community it might work for you too.

I know so many more people in the community than I did before. I feel good that I am supporting people that I know and like, not some faceless shareholder who doesn't care whether I use their supermarket or not... simply put... I love it... I like spending my money in this way because I know what it means to these local brave business owners...

No one can get away from the huge benefit that Internet shopping and brought to us all... nor can we get away from the sheer convenience of the supermarkets. But if we are to become a more supportive and caring society we have choices before us. If we were to strive to use local businesses when we can and move perhaps 10% of what we spend to local independent businesses it would make a huge difference to our local communities.

The economic climate is perhaps worse than it was back in 2013... People feel even worse off than they did back then... food banks are more prevalent...  community, and supporting those around us has never been more important...

See what you can do? ... no regrets here...


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