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You can't convince people just with science...

Why don't people believe overpowering scientific evidence that challenges their beliefs? It can be incredibly frustrating when you believe in something so strongly and yet... the person you're ' telling ' just doesn't get it. No matter how hard you try to convince them... they are not buying! Even when seemingly rock solid empirical scientific evidence is provided, or in the case of politics; a water tight reasoned argument is delivered ... it still doesn't work... how annoying is that? Many believe this is because of confirmation bias... that the recipient of the message hears something contrary to what they believe, and so effectively it's falling on deaf ears... they have already an established and set way of thinking... we could assume we're speaking to a closed minded idiot, or moron, because any 'normal' or 'intelligent' person would get it. We form an opinion about the person... mostly however this assumption is totally inc