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It can't be Christmas every day... why not?

I remember growing up and thinking to myself how amazing it would be if every day was Christmas. Presents every day... people being nice to each other... helping each other out... much kinder than at other times. Seemed like a good idea to me! ... but then I was reminded of a story from my younger days about two children, one of whom ate just sweet things and the other that ate more salty foods... the one who ate just sugar and sweets became very ill because although feeding the 'sweet tooth' it was an unbalanced diet and 'too much of a good thing' was equally bad for you. This year I stayed in the UK with my family and had a chance to reflect on what for me was a typical Christmas of my childhood and early adult life... It has been 3 years (or more) since I last did the "English Christmas" of my childhood days, and things look very different to me now. I don't think it is the fact that I'm older and as people often say the magic goes out of Ch