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Who are 'THEY' and what do they want?

I've heard myself say it countless times and I hear it said every day too. That's what ' they ' want... that's what ' they ' are trying to do... ' they ' are conditioning and brainwashing us... Who are these people, ' they '? it's an interesting question. If you take the view that a few unbelievably wealthy people are controlling huge sectors of our world and are influential in making global events happen such as wars, terrorism, regime change and a whole lot more... then 'they' could be narrowed down to a 60 or 70 people. Their combined wealth being estimated at approaching 50% of the global wealth... and all this wealth in the hands of a very small 'coach load' of people. Although the disparity between those with such incredible wealth and the vast numbers of people on this planet with hardly anything at all is not acceptable, we live in a society that actually condones it. If we want to get to the bottom of who