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It has been a heck of a journey... the last 7 years

The number 7 comes up a lot in my life... What has happened in your last 7 years? I think if we all took the time to reflect we would probably surprise ourselves in one way or another. We all lead such busy lives these days. A lot happens but is there a 'rudder' in your life? An intent or purpose or are you just being buffeted from one thing to another? As Tolkien said in Lord of the Rings ... you want to be careful going outside, every path can lead to adventures. Looking back I don't think I was particularly looking for an adventure... but as time passed that is exactly what happened. Adventures do change us, being out of our comfort zone is no easy place to be, but it is where we grow. Some brief highlights of my own journey follow. They represent some pretty key shifts in my consciousness over the 7 years... I first answered the call back in 2011. We had witnessed the financial crash in 2007, the world would never be the same again. There was huge hope tho