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First experience of a Liver cleanse

I'd not even thought about a Liver Cleanse before , nor had I really heard about it either for that matter. But Greg suddenly appeared from Poland on his way back to Peru. He came to stay for a few days at my flat to see his old school friend Steve. Having got to know Greg he shared that he offered this Liver cleanse professionally in Peru and would I like to experience it for myself. Well, as you know I am always up for new experiences and so when Greg returned from a brief spell in North Wales we started... so that was Thursday 27th September. The whole thing is delightfully simple and Greg is extremely knowledgeable both about the process itself, and of course how it works. Basically it is a 2 day programme... and by the start of the 3rd day the effects of the cleanse can be felt. So here is what happened... I was instructed to fast (nothing but water) from the end of Wednesday night... then at 6pm on Thursday in the evening I took delivery of 5 bottles of liquid... 4

5th Anniversary of not using supermarkets...

Today is the 5th Anniversary that I made a decision to not use Supermarkets...  A decision I have no regrets taking as it has brought untold benefits, the 1st of which is the quality of food I eat and how I go about preparing it. It is however a continual evolving process. There's a lot going on in the supermarket arena too With Lidl and Aldi making huge inroads into the supermarket space (13% it is now alleged), and signs that Asda and Sainbury's may merge if the monopolies commission deem it appropriate, and Tesco launching it's new discount brand 'Jacks' to take on the low cost end... and,  the massive acceptance of online shopping it is carnage out there with fierce competition... Couple this with the Veggie Box model (such as Riverford ), organic fresh produce delivered to your door for those that are looking to pay a little more for a high quality mixture of vegetables, dairy and meat. These provide a welcome attention to detail often missing from

3 books that I felt compelled to read...

Having probably not read a single book from front to back in 10 years, I have read 3 in almost as many weeks.  What has happened? I'm not sure is the honest truth. However the first book was given as a Christmas Present last year by Nikki Pepper and as I was clearing out the flat the book presented itself... The second book holds a similar story an unopened Amazon package which turned up in a box full of papers to be shredded and there it was, a book first written and then presented to me by Timothy Watkins, subsequently re-ordered for me by Debi King. The third book was handed to me by Samina Ali as it was all about conversations that we had been having on Attachment. All three books turned up at approximately the same time... and as it turns out all extremely pertinent to where I am right now and hugely relevant to things that are happening in my life. The universe it seems has not exhausted its reserves of surprises yet... I do love serendipity! 1st Book via Nik

What's on TV then?

A long time ago back in 1985 I bought a selection of home entertainment equipment. One of which was a Toshiba Blackstripe FST (Flat Screen Tube) television. Roll the clock forward... we've gone from analogue to digital... CRT monitors (Cathode Ray Tube) are a thing of the past, and, for the past 6 years, my old TV has sat gathering dust, taking up space waiting for me to dispose of it... except I didn't dispose of it... not because I am a hoarder... but because the thought of sorting the flat out filled me with dread... or that is what I thought the reason the TV didn't get dumped was... Roll the clock forward once more to 2015 this time... and a decision I took to begin taking the whole idea of spirituality a bit more seriously. I felt that something was missing and couldn't quite put my finger on it but knew that this was something that warranted more investigation from me... 3 years on and I can certainly say a lot has opened up... lots of people arrived to