What do you see?

What do you see in the picture below?

The Laminate itself was produced around October 2015 and was created to explain Link4Growth and its direction on Jan 8th 2016 at the Link4Growth 1st Conference.

You will observe in the roots of the tree; 7 principles are written. These principles were carefully crafted back in 2012 as the fledgling organisation was attempting to define the 'essence' of what Link4Growth was about. The importance of these 7 principles was somehow not really appreciated I feel back then, a little glossed over so to speak. Nowadays however, as an evolving Association that is owned by the 'Friends of Link4Growth' and one of few pioneering in the 'Leaderless Organisation' space, the significance of what underpins the organisation is vitally important.

The actual image was the result of around 50 hours of discussion with the artist who sought to capture the 'essence of Link4growth' and represent it in image form. There were many... many more hours in the actual creation ( and adjustments afterwards ) that I can personally vouch for...

There is meaning behind every detail and Sophie Honeybelle has outdone herself with this and other images that she worked on for us ( 5 in total ).

But what do you see? ... Please do comment with your thoughts.... 

The image represents so many things to different people... what we see is dependent on where we are right now, our creativity, our thoughts. Much the same as a picture in an art exhibition... the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the meaning is a unique and personal experience...


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