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To text or not to text that is the question

I've been a fan of Textingas I am sure most people have been since those early days of 10p a text I think it was once... 

Today there are hundreds of ways of messaging people... Text, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, linkedin, Hangouts, Skype, Pinterest, Instagram... and that is just scratching the surface with the most popular ones. Often if you receive a message and don't catch the notification you can be wading through the apps trying to find the message.

Like Email; an absolutely amazing innovation when it first appeared... you could send a message anywhere in the world to anyone pretty much instantly... before that it had been 5 days in the post, or expensive phone calls, or... telegram... now I'm going back!  ... telex anyone, facsimile was also there in the mix but way more expensive than email which is FREE! (-ish)

But what has this instant communication actually done?
A lot of the naysayers will immediately say that it has stunted communication and no one talks to an…

Political decentralisation... the next step after Brexit mess?

With the Local Elections around the cornereyes are drawn away from Brexit for a moment. 

These local elections are being earmarked as a barometer for how the electorate are responding to the fiasco in downtown Westminster at the moment. Except... as soon as the Brexit extension was agreed, the place was vacated; Easter holidays!

Local elections have typically had a much lower turnout than General Elections. Seemingly less significant somehow and yet... it is the people on the ground locally who act as councillors that have the illusion of power in our own communities.

But ... maybe times are changing?
With central politics in real chaos, the party system failing miserably, what we are maybe witnessing is the collapse of a dinosaur... a prehistoric animal fighting for life as its world begins to disintegrate around it.

The basics of the government world still persist as virtual armies of civil servants continue to keep the wheels turning, whilst the self serving (not all), ego driven, …

Where next with Brexit?

I didn't vote in the referendum about Brexit, and have oft been chastened about this as a result. The main reason I did not vote was because either outcome was likely to be filled with discontent amongst great swathes of people and the agenda behind the referendum being offered had nothing to do with the vote itself.

We are in a right pickle and no mistake. 2 years later and the date to leave the EU long gone and we look no nearer to solving the puzzle than we did the day after the referendum results came in.

This referendum has caused such a deep divide amongst the people of this country it might never get resolved in some quartersThis referendum was actually designed to settle the EU debate once and for all and went horribly wrong when the expected result was not returned. It has since gone on to be a catalyst to question the very approach to politics in this countryA result which the majority in 'the house' never expected and don't actually support anyway... and yet …

High self esteem is not the end game...

I've been on a good few personal development coursesthat have shared how we can see whether we have high or low self esteem...

I can confess that having started to be aware and recognising the 'symptoms' of low self esteem it is at epidemic levels. You can actually fairly quickly run through your list of contacts pointing out those with low self esteem, so obvious it becomes, when you know what to look out for.

However I was watching a video by Eckhart Tolle about self esteem and ego... and it was interesting in that there was some deliberation about the state of the mind when we have high self esteem.

High self esteem basically is about feeling good about yourself but mostly in comparison to others around you. So if we have more qualifications, are better at some things than others... a bigger car or more beautiful house... then this feeds our self esteem and confidence.

This growing of our own self esteem however comes at a price... the reducing of another's self est…