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High self esteem is not the end game...

I've been on a good few personal development courses that have shared how we can see whether we have high or low self esteem... I can confess that having started to be aware and recognising the 'symptoms' of low self esteem it is at epidemic levels. You can actually fairly quickly run through your list of contacts pointing out those with low self esteem, so obvious it becomes, when you know what to look out for. However I was watching a video by Eckhart Tolle about self esteem and ego... and it was interesting in that there was some deliberation about the state of the mind when we have high self esteem. High self esteem basically is about feeling good about yourself but mostly in comparison to others around you. So if we have more qualifications, are better at some things than others... a bigger car or more beautiful house... then this feeds our self esteem and confidence. This growing of our own self esteem however comes at a price... the reducing of another&#