31st October is a big day for transitions...

The 31st October 2019 is the scheduled date for the UK to exit the European Union. The start of a huge transition for millions of people in Europe but it could also be the beginning of a huge transition for you too... 

On the 31st of October "we" are travelling to mainland Europe, in fact central Europe, the beautiful capital of Hungary; Budapest, for a 4 day compact retreat. (ends 4th Nov.)

The retreat; co-authored by a collaboration between Victoria Hart, Viktoria Duda, and myself is designed to lead us through the elements of Transition. Many of us find ourselves at some point in our lives at a crossroads where our siutation has changed and we're not sure what to do...

Situations such as :-

  • Decided you want to leave the rat race
  • Going through a divorce
  • Children leaving home
  • Made redundant
  • Going from a job to working for yourself
  • Between jobs
  • Recovering from a trauma

Whatever the situation it is likely the first time you have embarked upon this path. You may feel disorientated or a little lost, in unfamiliar territory and definitely out of your comfort zone.

This Retreat has been designed for you... for you to create a template that works for you and that will set you on your own path.

You will be able to explore the following...

  1. Health and Wellness and how this creates the basis for all else
  2. Mindset, how are you doing, what are you telling yourself about you?
  3. Emotions, what drives your behaviour, where and when were these created
  4. Money, what are you striving for, are you comparing yourself with others
  5. Relationships, 80% of people say this is the most important thing, and yet we don't study this
  6. Spirituality, do you believe everything happens for a reason, that we are all connected?
  7. Higher purpose, why are you here? What has life guided you towards?

At the end of this retreat...

You will have created a framework using the above, with the beginnings of your own plan for what to do next in your life.

You will also have a reading list where you can continue building on what works for you and leads you increasingly in the direction of being happy, healthy and doing what you love with your life... 

We will also signpost you to resources where you can meet other people with similar mindsets. Somehow it is much easier when we are travelling amongst like minded people.


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