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Waste not want not

This is a saying that my father often spokewhen we had some food that was left over or perhaps when food was a little bit substandard. My father was a keen gardener and when you have laboured with love over your vegetable patch loath are you to dispose of that food, if remotely edible!

Lately I have been very fortunate to receive an abundance of food thank Steve Z. Skowyrski for that. It would appear that Xmas is a time of abundance in food stores, but so is the danger of stocking the wrong things.

Carrots were a big over stocked item this year so it seems with literally 100's of kilo's finding their way into the "past sell by date" category. Now there are only so many carrots you can eat isn't there? ... well I have seen some impressive substitutions going including Carrots instead of tomatoes in chilli or spaghetti bolonaise. I've had my fill of carrot juice as well... I think I'm taking on an orange tinge now! ... substitute for tanning products?

So thi…

What do you hold most dear to you? ... your values

Over the festive period I read a post about values.I must admit it's an interesting topic and it got me thinking about my own values (for my life) and what is important to me... and also about the things I am involved in, and perhaps what the values of those organisations might look like.

Why would we bother with values?
Well... I think deep down inside of us we do have a set of values that we believe in. They might be things that pop into our head and we confirm them to ourselves, or when we are being asked to make a decision we ponder what we believe is the right path even if we believe it might not be the best for us in the short term.

To actually think about our values in the first place is a start. It's a bit like setting boundaries or a "modus operandi", something we won't be compromised on, or that gives us direction when the way forward is unclear.

My own personal opinion following some internal reflection is that I believe I have some good values, that a…