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An easy follow perspective on the current financial market

All of what I have written below is from information out there on the internet. Check out Simon Dixon and some of his videos that support what I have written he has been involved in finance for decades, so knowledgeable guy. Some of this may happen, all of it might happen... unlikely none of it will happen, some of it of course, already is... Ok... so chocks away Ok... so you probably know we live in a debt based economy. Money is created when we create debt, debt is made when banks provide mortgages, loans etc. Most money is created this way with a very small amount of cash, bank notes etc. (around 3%) which is sold for profit to the banks. So far so good... except right now we have a big problem with this virus, which is interrupting business, and causing job losses and that is affecting almost everyone in some way or another. The whole tourist sector, aviation, the leisure industry, travel, performers across all categories... oil revenues are down (less travelling in all modes)...

Which way do you fly on the Pandemic?

In the beginning In 2016 it all began in the run up to the Brexit vote and that fateful day on June 24th of the same year. I had never witnessed such division in my lifetime at this deep emotional level. It caused permanent rifts amongst families and friends alike. Social media became a digital battleground where insults were hurled across a virtual somme. That battle has waged on ceaselessly as we inexorably edge ever closer to the day of reckoning; 31st Dec 2020. Even in the advent of the much more sinister threat, frighteningly similar to a world war 3; the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit has loitered in the shadows, waiting like a sleeping demon, only ever a “headline” away to drag forth the artillery of division once more. The election of the new Prime Minister with a huge majority gave the mandate for a swift(er) end to the Brexit battle but little did we know how the ground would shift during the “year of great change”, 2020. And here we are… 9 months into a Pandemic that has shaken t

Open thoughts sharing series

Meditation notes A future that would work for the majority, not yet devised This future we will need different levels of thinking, not constrained by the systems we have, or the experiences of what has gone before.  Free our minds of the baggage from the past and enter a creative space of endless possibilities Work on ourselves and be around those who are aligned with the same ideology... so we are collectively link4growth-ing ... the birth of a new verb ( to link4growth ) Strong values Strong principles Strong behavioural discipline Link4Growth (L4G-ing) becomes a descriptive verb for those who are taking responsibility for our lives Aligning with a growing community of people seeking a different kind of co-created future Becoming the best version of yourself Finding and developing your own purpose, passion and meaning for your life Giving back to society your uniqueness and in so doing expanding and enhancing our co-created future Hope and positivity A desire to be inspired and inspi

As the Covid Story unfolds... more thoughts...

You know what, I'm all for adjusting, moving forward and making the best of what ever happens. .. but right now, at this moment in time I am taking to my blog once more to register a few thoughts from 'NOW'...  I have to be honest, recent events have dismayed me. Back in February 2020 people were walking around, working hard, but enjoying a lifestyle that had remained unchanged pretty much for decades with the odd blip here and there. Restaurants, pubs, full sports and arts programmes...  and then the unthinkable... a deadly virus killing by the millions we were told was upon us... Lockdown!! ... for the first time ever, healthy people were being placed on a kind of "house arrest" for fear they would spread / catch a virus. Now, I don't want to die. I don't want my family and friends to die either, nor do I want to contribute to anyone else's death. To my knowledge I have succeeded in this endeavour. I am also fortunately (so I believe) healthy, I tak

What a Bonsai present...

I've been very keen on Bonsai Trees for years. The whole idea of a mini tree in a pot (the meaning of Bonsai) has fascinated me and I'm always curious to stop and gaze at them whenever I see one. Funnily enough Bonsai Trees had come up in conversation just recently (planned or not the jury is still out) and then "lo and behold" on Sunday 21st June on Fathers Day at my daughters I receive my very own first Bonsai tree.. A present from my Daughter and Son; Eleanor and Otis. Now as presents go... I think this is up there at the top, if not first... then probably first!  I just love it. Now I know very little about Bonsai... roots need trimming, they need feeding regularly, watering and generally a bit more attention than your average house plant... but... to have one and be responsible for it... I felt a little bit like a father taking his first baby home... full of trepidation and anxious about what I needed to do with this very dependent thing. It's life qu

The universe it seems is not without a sense of irony...

No sooner had I put the finishing touches to the blog piece on " If you haven't got your Health... " than the universe decided to re-enforce the message through taking my health away from me. It is true to say I have been blessed with good health with hardly any days off sick in my working life. That track record has not been compromised as I can still work, although now for the second time in 57 years I find myself amongst the unenviable group of back pain sufferers. I don't know how it happened, possibly a slight twist of the back at the wrong time, and then a gradual increase in pain over the week as the 'Pinching of a nerve' played out across my lower back. Although easing a little now, the pain returns swiftly and uncompromisingly to remind me, I'm still here... if I do not proceed with the utmost of caution in these 'tender days' of recuperation. I could have sided with the views of my 'late mother' who I can hear (and see)

If you haven't got your health...

A long while ago now I remember my father saying on more than one occasion, "If you don't have your health you have nothing." My father had enjoyed good health for most of his life as far as I could remember rarely taking any time off due to illness.  During his later years I witnessed his deterioration as cancer slowly and insidiously took away his health, capabilities, and his happiness. Mum also experienced slow deterioration of her health up until the time she passed in February 2018. For the last few years, heart and kidney issues along with instability resulted in repeated falls. This led to decreased mobility and associated reduction of the enjoyment in life. When life itself becomes a chore and seemingly a burden on others with no apparent useful contribution to make, it is not surprising that people want to move on. So it was with mum, who often declared, I am ready to go, my life's work here is done. As we age, we are able to observe through our life