What do you hold most dear to you? ... your values

Over the festive period I read a post about values. I must admit it's an interesting topic and it got me thinking about my own values (for my life) and what is important to me... and also about the things I am involved in, and perhaps what the values of those organisations might look like.

Why would we bother with values?

Well... I think deep down inside of us we do have a set of values that we believe in. They might be things that pop into our head and we confirm them to ourselves, or when we are being asked to make a decision we ponder what we believe is the right path even if we believe it might not be the best for us in the short term.

To actually think about our values in the first place is a start. It's a bit like setting boundaries or a "modus operandi", something we won't be compromised on, or that gives us direction when the way forward is unclear.

My own personal opinion following some internal reflection is that I believe I have some good values, that are working for me, but I hadn't as yet taken the time to write them down; but now I'm going too!

So here goes then

1. Live each day with the "Attitude of Gratitude"

2. People and Relationships are the most important thing in my life

3. Be a catalyst for connecting and conversation. Do so without expecting any return

4. Face each day with the spirit of an adventurer, open minded, co-create new ways of doing things

5. Be kind, compassionate, and empathetic to others, we're all energy and interconnected

6. Inspire others to take responsibility for their own choices... follow, lead or... find their own way

7. Reflect on each interaction and engagement, everyone of us is both teacher and student

8. Speak my truth (when asked), be honest, authentic, and transparent

9. Maintain people's trust in me at all times

10.  Speak kindly of others... is it true? ... is it kind? ... is it necessary?

11. There is no "right" only "my perspective" and that falls far short of "reality"

12. Avoid judging others, we're all doing the best we can

13. Karma is a thing

14. Take only what we need from this planet (like all other species that inhabit the earth)

15. Learn new things every day, the more we know, the more we realise we don't know

16. Listening is the best form of communication

17. It's not my job to fix others or to save the world's woes

18. Treat my body as a temple, it is where I live

19. Be present and in the "now", treat each day as if it were the last

20. Take time out for me, to meditate, reflect, recharge, expand and grow

21. Love unconditionally, I believe this is the answer

This is a long list of values / beliefs, and I know that I fall short many times, but like the 7 Principles of Link4Growth I work tirelessly on myself to improve a little each day...

My overall mission for my life distils down into 3 basic fundamental items which my values and beliefs support me with; (1) be the best version of myself  (2) be the best human being I can be (3) discover my purpose and serve others delivering on that purpose

Final Words

It's quite liberating to have finally created this list. I am sure there are other items I could add, but to have set this out at the beginning of 2020 I will now include in my morning affirmations.

How about your Values and beliefs?


  1. In our school we have a “value of the month” that is being reinforced via assemblies, in lessons, daily, hoping that we are bringing up respectful, loving children. Our values consist of one word: love, peace, respect, perseverance, etc. You’ve elaborated on each here. Great reading! Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Desi :) x


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