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Do you loathe having medical tests?

A while back, around 2015 , I was introduced to the idea of HbA1c. This is a test that can be used to not only determine if someone has developed Diabetes but is also a tool for managing the condition.  The test is not to be confused with a glucose test which solely measure how much glucose is in the blood right at this minute. HbA1c provides an average of the last 3 months management of sugar in the blood and is therefore a much better marker for determining diabetes and the management of the condition. Although not a diabetic, I know many who are, and have expressed an interest in being able to access tests within their local community, especially as the NHS have now restricted this service to one test per year. Unfortunately neither the technology nor the emerging trends were far enough advanced to make this a reality... until now that is. Just recently we have formed an organisation called Health Reader Ltd. to deliver exactly this test (HbA1c) and also other useful diagn