"Social Distancing" the buzz words for a new modus operandi...

A while back I wrote a blog about how things might pan out with consideration to the state of the global economy. You can read that piece [Here]. Not much has changed to be fair, except that we are teetering ever closer to D-Day.

What is quite clear if you keep your ears close to the ground and your eyes open is that we are in between a rock and a hard place right now.

On the one hand the stock markets, capitalists, money men and those in positions of power, fuelled by greed, want to maintain the myth of growth at all costs (using the meaningless measure of GDP). Which of course conflicts with the "save the planet" mantra, conservation of resources, climate change, and radical scaling back of carbon emissions (Save the planet, extinction rebellion).

So notwithstanding the diametrically opposing groups above, there is the additional conundrum of the fact that the planet is in a global debt bubble of such extreme proportions that it is difficult to see how we can exit from it without something cataclysmic and devastating taking place. This of course all in the name of retaining wealth, position, power, control and dominion over others. How on earth will the richest 60 people on the planet pull this one off? ... this will make Houdini's escapology talents seem little more than finding your way out of an airport wind sock bound in chains of Andrex (if you can find any that is)

In my previous blog post (link above) I mentioned the potential for war. A war which would reduce the population, but in the main leave things intact. This focus on war would allow for a rewriting of the financial systems and debts, a reset could be implemented, and afterwards the same people would be in charge; having been squirrelled out of harms way.

A couple of years on, and with ample opportunity for us to all be plunged into a global war, we have successfully, so it would seem tip-toed and circumnavigated our way around the edges of this. We've teetered briefly and perilously at the final hurdle only to be pulled back, as it looked increasingly likely we would topple over the edge... and yet here we are... a rather dangerous set of circumstances still in existence, but as yet not at the brink.

We also have an oil problem.... not enough of it left in the ground "at the right price" to keep all the wheels rolling and plates spinning like we have today... another break point which would (will) send us into a state of economic slowdown and eventual collapse of much of what we have come to expect today. The existing (artificially) low price of oil (at the pumps today) is there to keep the wheels of industry moving in these uncertain times but it is no where near the economic price... and it won't remain at this level... totally not sustainable...

So a few years on... what next?

Well a couple of days ago, I wrote another blog which received a frosty reception [Read here]. Cited as far fetched and the figment of an over zealous "science fiction" lover's mind. However, good fiction or plausible story you can decide for yourself.

The problem with Wars of course is the unpredictable nature of them. As a last resort maybe, but there is the chance of surprise innovation at any time which could change the course of events. Wrong people could be eliminated, buildings or installations of a sensitive nature could be compromised... basically too much to go wrong... worth exploring other avenues first with less potential setbacks.

Would a Pandemic have the desired effect?  (real or otherwise)

Let's just take a simple example and work with it, just a common or garden Pandemic, nothing special or elaborate. It's clearly a new "thing" we've never seen before (or reported as such anyway), we don't know how it spreads, nor it's special characteristics, we are not sure about gestation periods, lifespan, mortality or survival rates, or who is most susceptible, and, we are going to need to gather information over time. A vaccine is also some way off... with it being new and all.

As news begins to hit the airwaves... stories of it being a killer hit the mainstream. Fear begins to grow. Main news channels pick up on it, stories reverberate around the globe... new information becomes available constantly as more cases / stories emerge. A profile of the beast begins to emerge.

Before we know it... businesses are closing, schools are closing, people are being told to stay at home, infection rates, deaths and sensational stories are everywhere. We are all targets for this pandemic... no one is really safe. Then lock downs. Flights and movement restrictions all in the name of "Social Distancing". A term coined to halt rapid progress of the Pandemic.

As more and more extreme measures are taken so Social Media and other online tools feed the internet and spread the fear, anxiety and worry. All events with 2,500+ people attending; cancelled... now even events with 15 or less... cancelled. In fact don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary. The  insatiable rise in the use of Social Media has made the Pandemic a global phenomena in a matter of two weeks... we (us, the people) have been complicit in spreading the message, whether we like this idea or not... in our willingness to keep people informed we have fanned the flames... like that was our job even?

"Social Distancing" now comes into its own. Remain isolated and this whole thing will fizzle out in no time... that is of course what we all want, no one wants this pandemic growing and killing vast numbers of people. I liken this stage a little bit to the Millennium Bug back at the turn of the century, do you remember this? ...

The date 2000 from a computer perspective with 2 digits allocated to the date was going from 99 to 00. In previous years it wasn't a problem... 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 ... all dates higher than the preceding... here for the first time we needed 4 digits... 1999 to 2000. All computer systems that contained dates would need to be checked because any date comparisons would treat the year 00 as before the date 99 where of course it would be in fact, the year after.

Reports of planes potentially falling out of the sky, train crashes, financial systems meltdown, invalid insurances and computer system failures meant that this process of investigation went on for 3-5 years... in the end? ... it was all a damp squib... but why? was there never a problem or was the process so thorough that all eventualities were covered off? ... we'll never know, it just turned into the biggest non event of the century thus far.

Now "Social Distancing" ... if what we read and share is true, then this might well be the saviour of the human race... if most of what we read is actually not true we are "Social Distancing" for no real tangible benefit. But of course we have to play safe and do it don't we? ... otherwise we become social outcasts like lepers accused of killing people by our blatant disregard for others and total selfishness, infecting at will, as we go by the grace of god.

So how do we get people to social distance with a mere threat of something? ... Be vague with the symptoms and also flexible. In some people the symptoms are like this but then again in others they can be like this... so anyone with any change in their condition is going to think they have this pandemic and social distance... then, anyone who has been in contact with someone choosing to social distance, can now legitimately "Social Distance" too.

Testing for the virus has stopped because too many people are infected now (Social distancing however is no proof of any disease, but still thought of as such). Also let's be vague about how long the virus can remain alive and kicking on a work surface, door knob, or handrail... well anything from 2-5 days I've heard... so this means that the potential for infection is vastly increased. I don't know whether any of these numbers are true, but how are we ever going to prove it with so much over zealous mis-information out there.

... and so ....

Being policed and monitored by our fellow man, and our communities, we are now part of the big game. We are in the game because if we do not follow "best practice" to support and help the "aged, sick and vulnerable" then we are worse than animals. ignorant, sub human, uncaring people, who should be outcast, away from decent folk or vilified at the very least!

IN THE SAME WAY... the political leaders and decision makers in this world fall under the same spell. They cannot argue against saving the lives of their own people (even if questionable statistics and proof) ... the media is way too strong, the sentiment way too developed, they haven't a hope. So whereas it would be difficult to make these sovereign states comply "ordinarily" these leaders must succumb to this almost "self destruct" initiative or face retribution from their own people.

No matter what their policies or goals, all out of the window as this global pandemic rips apart plans for growth, financial forecasts, and the hopes and dreams of all aspiring entrepreneurs and budding business men and women.

Businesses will go bust (and are doing so right now), lives ruined, economies destroyed, and why? ... because of a pandemic. Which by the way although threatens to kill 10's of millions, again a number I've heard, and yet, to date, has under performed in this regard compared to the regular seasonal flues we already know.

Final words...

It is of course up to you what you believe. But we are heading in the direction of a major calamity. You cannot just shut down the world for 4 months and expect things to carry on as normal afterwards, this world economy we've built doesn't work like that.

Disruption is acute already. Many more weeks and there will be no way back for a large segment of the businesses, services, entertainment and hospitality markets. We have no money to deal with the fallout from this... your guess is as good as mine what will happen when the money and food runs out? ... rationing? looting? ... shall we blame Brexit or Trump for all of it?

WE ARE NOW FACED WITH THE STARKEST OF CHOICES... we can carry on as normal, take our chances with this pandemic do what we can to protect ourselves but not succumb to it and be labelled killers and irresponsible... or....  alternatively we can shut everything down and destroy our own country voluntarily from within... these seem to be our two choices... there is no easy way out!


  1. Wise conclusion Chris! Well written!

  2. Very well written and great post with some interesting thoughts.

    Re the starkest of choices, I think those are the extremest version of the choices. I think in some regards, people are assuming that questioning the status quo, i.e questioning martial law, or questioning mandatory vaccines, or questioning who stands to gain/is behind this pandemic somehow equates to you wanting to walk around infected, licking elderly people's toothbrushes. It simply doesn't mean that, we're still going to be careful, we're still concerned for our loved ones, but we also recognize that is dangerous territory that needs discussing...

    in my opinion, this time of people being VERY headstrong and blindly following orders/remaining ignorant is ending... it's not to say they have to believe what we believe, but they will (hopefully) start to become more sympathetic/understanding of opposing opinions because of the mass that are thinking them, and perhaps this virus is the catalyst to that...

    Either way, whatever happens, there will be people on both sides of the fence, and we can only control our own mindset/actions and do the best for the communities we're involved in... all in all, hopefully we find some kind of balance of the two, not isolating to the point of everything being shut down and the destruction of our country, but also not roaming around willy nilly with no care in the world... and if we do that.. we can start to work our way through these treacherous times to a new/better world?

    1. Thanks for your comment Otis... some challenging yet interesting times ahead that is for sure...


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