We will be irrevocably changed by this Lockdown

There is absolutely no question in my mind that the events of the past 3 months (and the next 3 too) will bring about probably the swiftest and most radical changes to how we live our lives, bar none!

If we look back in history, the discovery of bronze, steel, printing press, radio, tv, computers, Internet... they all brought about sweeping change, but it took years, sometimes centuries for the changes to be absorbed into societal change. Here we are talking about "a year or two".

Some of the changes are undeniably overdue, but in a world governed by money, greed, materialism and control it's difficult to persuade those benefiting the most, from seeing the need to change anything... quite simply they are doing ok... bugger the consequences.

And yet... regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not, it makes perfect sense to clean up our act and stop polluting the only home we have ever known; our planet.

Of course in the endless chase for growth (GDP- a meaningless measurement device still being used to day), we can't have simultaneously a mindset for "planet"... they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Hence a huge division with each side doing battle to justify why they are right... and the train just keeps rolling down the same dirty track. It seems we do not have a penchant for change, or lest ways those who pull the strings do not.

So at a "bloody" crossroads we stood... Greta Thunberg on every TV screen and newspaper, fighting with the PR engine of the fossil fuel lobby backed by Trump... And then out of nowhere... something that has taken us all by surprise... Corvid-19. Suddenly not a mention of climate change (or Brexit, or the election for that matter... in fact quite a lot is slipping by unnoticed these days), except maybe
mooted that our uncaring attitude to our planet has unleashed something which otherwise would not have been so virulent or dangerous.

Now where are we?

We find ourselves in a Lock down state. Hardly able to go out unless (1) essential work, (2) going to Pharmacies, Doctors or the Hospital, (3) Exercise once per day, (4) To shop for essential provisions.

How did we go from having all our freedoms to being virtually imprisoned (almost) within our own homes in the space of just 2 months? Interesting question however not the purpose of this blog post.

What we needed to do and are now being forced to do?

It is as if "mother earth"  has finally decided right... I've given you humans a chance to sort out your ways... slow down... stop destroying this home I have given freely to you... and instead of changing your ways you have cried... we can't stop... we can't slow down... and mother earth has said ok... here is a Virus practice with this, and see how you get on...

There are going to be some positives from this experience that we are all going through. We must remind ourselves often that change is painful, often very painful. It is full of uncertainty, we are operating with something that is unfamiliar, we are worried, anxious, and stressed, as we can't see where it will all end... we have quite simply been thrust out of our comfort zone, with no guarantees that any of what we have done hitherto will remain. That is tough.

What this means for most of us is uncharted waters, where we are constantly having to re-evaluate what we do. Where we are being asked difficult questions daily and are having to find answers to navigate what is an ever changing, shifting set of obstacles, the vast majority of which we have little to no control over.

This will force us to look at what we are doing?


  1. Appreciation of our freedoms. Probably the easiest for us to see as we are now restricted in what we can do, where we go, who we meet. This not only highlights their importance, but how can we keep these freedoms too?  Now new laws that have been passed might be difficult to get revoked... 
  2. Focus on what is important in life. Even though our freedoms are drastically curtailed. Most of us are warm, have a roof over our head, plenty of food, and water. When you are not rushed off your feet with the busy-ness of life we have time to notice and pay attention to our family, read or study something new, relax / reflect... maybe cook wholesome food and take stock of what we're doing in our lives. This is indeed a great opportunity for each of us.
  3. Reduction in spending. Just the simple lack of opportunity through physical shop closures and the inability to congregate in public spaces means we are less likely to buy things on a day to day basis (other than necessities). Yes we can buy online but that brings us to the second point... If we are concerned about the next pay check or where the money is going to come from, if a sole trader then we will be reigning in all non essential spending. Conservation is key. This will increase the propensity to Repair, Re-use, Recycle, Refresh, and will build new habits about being much more frugal after this all passes. If we are to bring about changes to how we align ourselves with our planet these are essential skills that our grandparents and great grandparents knew well and in which our disposable society have long been forgotten. 
  4. Ask ourselves what is the most important thing in our life? For a long time we have focused on Money... the single most important thing we strive for so that we can have this lifestyle of the rich and famous. Here we have a chance to observe what is really important? ... what can't we bear to be without... is it the endless chase for money? ... is it more hours at work? ... is it our material possessions? ... or our popularity, or what we look like? ... or is it the People and Relationships that are in our lives? ... Could you make it through these times without the support and nurturing of those who love you? Those friends who care and want you to have happiness? This is a rare opportunity to take a look at ourselves, rarely afforded to us in our hectic lives... one that so often visits us only when time is running out and it's too late to do anything about it.
  5. The importance of community. Now we are no longer able to 'meet our community' perhaps it is conspicuous by its absence? The handshakes, kisses, hugs, cuddles and connection that we as human beings thrive on. All snatched away during these challenging times. Why are we here if we can't or don't make a contribution? What is the meaning given to our life? 

Not only have we been poisoning our planet over the past generations we have also neglected ourselves too. The "elephant in the room" of this current situation is the condition of the nation's health.

For too many years we have lost touch with what constitutes a good life, moderation in everything we do, a balanced nutritious diet, rest, sleep, reflection, exercise, fun, connection, contribution. Too busy chasing things we have been led to believe are important for us, eating fast food on the go, and trying to keep up with everyone else so we don't look bad in "comparison".

We have created a toxic society resulting in obesity, a raft of debilitating chronic illnesses, severe mental health issues and the systematic decline in community and connection which further exacerbates the problems.

A chance to reset

Unknowingly, unwittingly, by chance or by design we have been given a "Pause button". A chance to step within ourselves to reflect and perhaps ask some of these questions that we have been too busy on the treadmill to give time too...

Here is a great opportunity while a global pause is going on to see if you can adjust things for your future life. These are things we would never normally have the time to do, or maybe be brave enough to attempt. We had no choice in what has just transpired... but we do have a choice about what happens next!


There will be a follow up blog to this one coming tomorrow... What might the world look like after we emerge from this?

Be Safe... and get in touch if you would like to find out how you could be supported during YOUR transitional phase...


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