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Pandemic Times

Over the Easter Period I had plenty of time and space to reflect on the current, fast changing situation that we find ourselves in with this pandemic. It is a difficult to understand, and complex situation, with a huge variety of factors. There are no easy answers in reality. Our perception depends on who you listen to, your upbringing and history, how your family, friends, and work colleagues think, and what they believe... add to this the incessant News coverage, TV & Media, and social networks it creates a minefield of information, which is often confusing, unclear and divisive. We're very familiar with divisive events though. We've had quite a few over the years, as well as the routine general politics of democracy that keeps on rumbling along in the background. Some of the events that have polarised folk are John Kennedy assassination, the 911 terrorist attacks, Climate change, Brexit, Trump, and now this pandemic. All these events have created division. Peop