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As the Covid Story unfolds... more thoughts...

You know what, I'm all for adjusting, moving forward and making the best of what ever happens. .. but right now, at this moment in time I am taking to my blog once more to register a few thoughts from 'NOW'...  I have to be honest, recent events have dismayed me. Back in February 2020 people were walking around, working hard, but enjoying a lifestyle that had remained unchanged pretty much for decades with the odd blip here and there. Restaurants, pubs, full sports and arts programmes...  and then the unthinkable... a deadly virus killing by the millions we were told was upon us... Lockdown!! ... for the first time ever, healthy people were being placed on a kind of "house arrest" for fear they would spread / catch a virus. Now, I don't want to die. I don't want my family and friends to die either, nor do I want to contribute to anyone else's death. To my knowledge I have succeeded in this endeavour. I am also fortunately (so I believe) healthy, I tak

What a Bonsai present...

I've been very keen on Bonsai Trees for years. The whole idea of a mini tree in a pot (the meaning of Bonsai) has fascinated me and I'm always curious to stop and gaze at them whenever I see one. Funnily enough Bonsai Trees had come up in conversation just recently (planned or not the jury is still out) and then "lo and behold" on Sunday 21st June on Fathers Day at my daughters I receive my very own first Bonsai tree.. A present from my Daughter and Son; Eleanor and Otis. Now as presents go... I think this is up there at the top, if not first... then probably first!  I just love it. Now I know very little about Bonsai... roots need trimming, they need feeding regularly, watering and generally a bit more attention than your average house plant... but... to have one and be responsible for it... I felt a little bit like a father taking his first baby home... full of trepidation and anxious about what I needed to do with this very dependent thing. It's life qu