Open thoughts sharing series

Meditation notes

A future that would work for the majority, not yet devised

This future we will need different levels of thinking, not constrained by the systems we have, or the experiences of what has gone before. 

Free our minds of the baggage from the past and enter a creative space of endless possibilities

Work on ourselves and be around those who are aligned with the same ideology... so we are collectively link4growth-ing ... the birth of a new verb (to link4growth)

  • Strong values
  • Strong principles
  • Strong behavioural discipline

Link4Growth (L4G-ing) becomes a descriptive verb for those who are taking responsibility for our lives

  1. Aligning with a growing community of people seeking a different kind of co-created future
  2. Becoming the best version of yourself
  3. Finding and developing your own purpose, passion and meaning for your life
  4. Giving back to society your uniqueness and in so doing expanding and enhancing our co-created future

Hope and positivity
A desire to be inspired and inspire others
A desire to discover the unique special contribution in this life with the body that we have been granted the use of

Not to destroy of fight with the systems that exist at this time
Recognise that we have already made enough stuff from the resources extracted from this planet
Focus our energy on using what the planet has already 'given up' for us
Focus on a future based on less is more
How can I contribute to a more enlightened future

We need to be brave and put out there our thoughts and intentions
The future needs releasing with inspired creative optimism not protecting with fear
A switch away from money making thinking to ideas sharing and linking together to make them happen

Open thoughts sharing series

Not solutions or answers, just thoughts fragments that when shared could inspire others and before you know it... projects and solutions with an excited collaborative team working their magic!!


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