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An easy follow perspective on the current financial market

All of what I have written below is from information out there on the internet. Check out Simon Dixon and some of his videos that support what I have written he has been involved in finance for decades, so knowledgeable guy. Some of this may happen, all of it might happen... unlikely none of it will happen, some of it of course, already is... Ok... so chocks away Ok... so you probably know we live in a debt based economy. Money is created when we create debt, debt is made when banks provide mortgages, loans etc. Most money is created this way with a very small amount of cash, bank notes etc. (around 3%) which is sold for profit to the banks. So far so good... except right now we have a big problem with this virus, which is interrupting business, and causing job losses and that is affecting almost everyone in some way or another. The whole tourist sector, aviation, the leisure industry, travel, performers across all categories... oil revenues are down (less travelling in all modes)...