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Unvaccinated journal

As we approach the 19th July "Freedom day", the reporting frenzy and media has already began to cite the likelihood of a 4th wave, and potential new measures in order to control variants of the virus. The Sun newspaper here in England has mentioned that the Prime Minister has already said that although vaccine passports will not be required for now, they can not be ruled out in the future. This does sound an awful lot like the softening up process that we have come to expect from the Government and that we have bourn witness to many times before. With now half the population vaccinated it does seem a little bit strange that numbers are going up, in fact higher now than any time since February earlier this year. Something appears to have gone slightly awry. Either the numbers aren't right, we're counting the wrong things, the vaccines aren't as effective as touted, or the ones who haven't yet been vaccinated (the young and the obstinate) are more dangerous th