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The common cold finally defeated...

Well another Christmas and this one was different to any other previous Christmas... in some ways, and yet in others not so much. The first thing was that two weeks prior I caught some bug, a raised temperature a bit of a dull headache (and I don't get headaches) and a general feeling of tiredness. I was actually sick once as well (sorry to the Emetophobians" amongst you, fortunately no pictures though). Now... I've had this sort of thing before as I'm sure many of us have, and after a couple of days of not feeling that hungry either, the old immune system seemed to have done the trick and I was back on form.  Now... roll the clock forward and we're approaching Xmas... an invitation to a "gathering" on Xmas eve required some kind of LFT (Lateral flow test) to attend... so that wasn't going to happen... and also a decision about Xmas day needed to be taken as vaccination status came up. Now I believe everyone must take responsibility for their own choi